Lodging is the student’s responsibility and not included in tuition. If you are a minor, it is preferable that you be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Below are ASMI’s lodging recommendations. Rimini has a plethora of hotels, bed & Breakfasts, and Airbnb’s to choose from. There are many other options that are not be listed here. Also listed are their proximities from Istituto “Lettimi”. Please inquire accommodations directly for rates.

Bed & Breakfasts
Casa Mancini:  *Has been reserved for faculty. Right near Piazza Cavour.
Proximity: 350 meters (4 min. walk)

Soggiorni Diffusi
*Has been reserved for faculty and students. In Borgo San Giuliano. Just a walk across Ponte Tiberio to Istituto Lettimi.
Proximity: 900 meters (12 min. walk )

5 Stars:
Grand Hotel: Historical and in a class of it’s own, though not recommended for walking distance. Distinguished guests such as former presidents George H.W. Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, and celebrities such as Madonna, George Clooney, and Robert de Niro have stayed there.
Proximity: 2KM (25-30 min walk).

4 Stars:
Hotel Card: Very professional, excellent service, great buffet spread, and meets all standard expectations for an international traveller.
Proximity: 800 meters (10 min. walk)

Hotel duoMo: Excellent and very close to the school. Contemporary and unique design. Full complimentary breakfast and restaurant/club.
Proximity: 300 meters (4 min. walk)

3 Stars:
Hotel Giulio Cesare: *Has been reserved for faculty and students. 5 min. walk to Istituto Lettimi.

Hotel Napoleon: Hotel of choice for the institute in 2019. Very friendly, attentive, hospitable staff and reasonable rates. Full daily breakfast buffet with attentive servers. Standard and decent accommodations. Full complimentary breakfast. 3 min walk from the train station.
Proximity: 900 meters (12 min. walk)

Hotel Moderno: 3 min. walk from the train station. Full complimentary breakfast. 3 min walk from the train station. Just down the street from Hotel Napoleon.
Proximity: 950 meters (12 min. walk)