Conservatorio “Giovanni Lettimi” di Rimini

In December 2022, Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali (Istituto Musicale Pareggiato) “G. Lettimi” was decreed a conservatory, to become statized, and merge with the Conservatory of Cesena in 2023. Managed by the Municipality of Rimini and active since 1825, it was the only musical school of the Province of Rimini that could boast the title of Institution of Higher Artistic Education and Musicale according to the law 508/99 and belongs to the Institutions to which Article 33 of the Constitution recognizes the right to have autonomous arrangements together with the Academies of Fine Arts, the National Academy of Dramatic Art, the Higher Institutes for the Artistic Industries (ISIA), National Dance Academy and Music Conservatories.

The teaching activity of Lettimi today takes place on many levels: the continuation of the Traditional Diploma course (old system), the new Academic Diplomas of 1st and 2nd level (university rank), the pre-academic courses, the organization of various courses to broaden the educational offer (from courses for young people to adult education), from school to school. 2006-07 the agreement with the “A. Einstein” Scientific High School in Rimini for the creation of a musical course. The Institute also has profitable relationships with many schools, public or private, of every order and degree. 

Alongside teaching, among the objectives of the Institute, there is today a renewed artistic commitment that is expressed through events (conferences, concerts, master classes) organized in their own and in collaboration with prestigious partners, with the presence of concerts in the most important musical events of the city and the province (Malatesta Music Festival, Sunday Concerts, etc.) and musical activity in many spaces, even outside the city, where the intervention of the teachers and the best students of the Institute. The students therefore have frequent concert opportunities that allow a profitable experience in public. The Institute also obtained the ISO9001: 2008 Quality Certification from Tüv Italy for the “design and delivery of courses related to professional teaching, non-routine teaching and production events and artistic research related to teaching” and the Erasmus University Charter for the period 2008-2013.

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