Palazzo Lettimi

Tuition: $2,950. Includes tuition and all musical activities at the Institute. Tuition does not include lodging, transportation to or at the Institute, airfare, and meals besides breakfast at your choice of lodging.
* Tuition is based on price localization to account for regional costs paving the way for a truly international institute. Please make sure to include in your application the country in which you reside. 

Students from Conservatorio”Lettimi”: Please contact ASMI at

Eligibility:  The Institute is open to all orchestral instruments including guitarists, pianists, and collaborative pianists of all ages and levels.

Private Lessons:  Students will receive 5 private lessons for an hour each. Some faculty also hold studio class. 

Chamber Coachings: Students will receive 5 chamber coachings for 1 hour each.

ASMI Orchestra: Students will participate in orchestra rehearsals for a total of 2-3 hours until the concert and perform the standard repertoire as well as contemporary music. Selection and seating in the orchestra is determined from the applicant’s audition. 

Masterclasses are open to all instrumentalists and chamber groups. There will be a pianist accompanying at the classes and a daily sign up sheet for participants.

Concerts: There will be several concerts including the ASMI Orchestra, Chamber Music, student recitals , and faculty concerts. Please see the Concerts page for more info.

Classrooms:  Faculty and students will share the use of the 18 classrooms where practicing, lessons and rehearsals will take place.

Pianos: Almost all classrooms are equipped with a baby grand piano.

300 seat theater (Teatro degli Atti)
One auditorium – capacity 88 people
One large classroom – capacity 60-70 people
18 classrooms

Practice Rooms/Time: The school is normally open from 8:00AM to  9:00PM, Monday through Saturday available for practicing and rehearsals. Inquire with your lodging about permissible practice hours. 

Air conditioning: There is air conditioning in all the rooms at the school.

Music Stands: There will be music stands at the conservatory, but please bring a light weight collapsable practice stand.

Mutes: Please bring a heavy duty metal practice mute such as one of the below. Hotels and bed & breakfasts may have their own rules about hours of practicing.

Scores: Music will be decided on after the registration deadline and will be communicated to you via email. Please bring your own scores as access to printers will be limited.

Schedule: a schedule will be given to you at orientation by the first day of the program.

Orientation will begin after everyone’s arrival. Included, will be a visit to the conservatory. 

Transportation: If you land in Bologna, it is recommended to take the Shuttle Italy Airport directly to Rimini. You can book your ticket here:
Please be aware that they are reluctant to change your ticket once it is booked, so be careful choosing a pick up time.

The newest and fastest option from Bologna airport to Bologna Centrale (train station) is the Marconi Express:
It takes only 7 mins. and costs 8.70 euros (one way). Then, take the Trenitalia ( to Stazione Rimini (Rimini train station). The total commute is approximately an hour and a half, one way from Bologna to Rimini. 

Another option is taking the bus to Bologna Centrale (train station). Then, take the Trenitalia ( to Stazione Rimini (Rimini train station). The total commute is approximately an hour and a half, one way from Bologna to Rimini. 

Another option is landing in Ancona and taking the train (about an hour and fifteen minutes) to Rimini.

Lodging is not included in your tuition payment and is the reponsibility of the student. Please visit the lodging page here for detailed info:

Meals: Breakfast is usually the only meal that is complimentary at lodging in Italy, but please check with your accommodations. Typically, hotels and bed & breakfasts offer “colazione” (light breakfast) which is an assortment of pastries and coffee/juice. Participants are responsible for all other meals. Rimini is a major coastal town and a tourist attraction, so there are many delicious cafes, pizzerias, restaurants to explore.

Excursion/Concert: Though the program is intense and focused on learning, we will have at least one day off, where participants can go on an excursion or participate in other fun activities. This summer we are planning an excursion/concert to the Festival Entroterre di Bertinoro (City of Wine & Hospitality)

Communication will be via WhatsApp and email. Please make sure you provide both on your application, and that you are able to receive communications internationally. Daily updates and adjustments will be necessary, so please check those apps regularly.

Assistance: There will be at least one assistant, on site, helping you in case of emergency or if you have urgent questions. You will receive their contact info after you have registered.


March 1, 2023 – Early bird application deadline. Students receive a 10% discount.
March 15, 2023 – Application deadline.
April 1, 2023 – Early bird registration deadline. Payment in full is eligible for a 10% discount.
April 15, 2023 – Registration deadline.
May 1, 2023 – Remaining fees will not be refundable. Transaction/credit card processing fees are non-refundable.

Refund Policy:
The application fee is non-refundable. Remaining fees will not be refundable after April 15, 2023. Transaction or credit card processing fees are non-refundable. There is a minimum amount of registered students  required to activate the program. Should the minimum requirement not be met, the program will be canceled and all tuition will be refunded to applicants.
Participants of all ages and levels are accepted to participate. You will be placed in an appropriate ensemble according to your age and level. The only necessity is that you are serious about your studies and are willing to learn.
Travel VISA and norms regarding minors: 
Refer to the Ministero degli Esteri italiano:
Students and faculty are advised to call your embassy and in the case of unaccompanied minors to verify the norms followed by your airline.
In Italy, the selling and the administering of alcohol is prohibited to minors under 18 years old.
In Italy, healthcare is public. However, foreigners that stay in Italy have to ascertain from the Italian Embassy in their country, the agreements in place and in the case that it is necessary to stipulate a travel insurance that comprehends health expenditures. Students are encouraged to purchase an international healthcare plan such as such as GeoBlue:


There are two hospitals near Rimini:
Ospedale Infermi – 3.3 km from l’Istituto “Lettimi”
Azienda Unita’ Sanitaria Locale di Rimini – 13.7 km from l’Istituto “Lettimi”

Communicating with minors:
Communication with children by Institute personnel and volunteers is only allowed for Institute business. For the protection of all concerned, the key safety concept that will be applied to these interactions is transparency. The following steps will reduce the risk of private or otherwise inappropriate communication between Institute, personnel, volunteers, and minors:

Communication between Institute personnel (including volunteers) and minors that is outside the role of the professional or volunteer relationship (teacher, coach, host, etc.) is prohibited.

Faculty, staff, and volunteers who use text messaging or any form of online communications including social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc) to communicate with minors may only do so for activities involving Institute business.